Mattress repair booking form

We have introduced a new facility where customers can now book in there repairs online.

You don’t need to be one of our existing customers to use this service, just fill out the form below and we’ll invoice you once the work has been done.

All you need to do is simply box up your equipment & then using the form below fill in all the relevant details. Once you have submitted your details, our team will acknowledge your request & forward you your collection label/s, simply print off & attach 1 label per box & our trusted courier will then call the following working day to collect your equipment.

Please ensure you read the packing guide & procedures at the bottom of the page to ensure your goods have been packaged correctly & no additional charges will be enforced by the courier.

Book a collection now


* One label per box is required


Our transparent pricing:

We have kept our pricing as simple as possible, by making our costs clear beforehand & also giving you the option to approve repair costs (if any) prior to them being carried out. We will also give our opinion to you as to whether we think your equipment is financially economical to repair.

Here are our prices:

Carriage costs (covers collection & re-delivery): £10.00*
Decontamination, inspection & any additional labour £40.00*

Packing guidelines:

In general, we advise that you package 1 system per box. To best package we suggest you fully deflate the mattress by opening the CPR and rolling it up on the bed frame. When all the air is out unroll it again so it is covering the whole bed frame. Then fold the mattress in half long ways & place the pump at one end & begin to roll back up. Once rolling is complete, the pump should be rolled firmly in the centre of the mattress which will protect it in transport.

Box dimensions:

We recommend using a box of dimensions no bigger than 60*50*40cm (WxDxH). Parcels with a girth of over 3metres will incur an additional handling charge. The easiest way to calculate a parcels girth is add the 2 smallest dimensions together, then multiply by 2, then finally add on the length of the third dimension to that.

Here is an example: Box size is 50*45*40cm, so 50+45=95 x 2=190, then add on the 3rd dimension giving a total of 230cm girth.

*Note – All prices shown are exclusive of VAT & vat will be added on to your final bill. Also, courier prices shown are for UK mainland only, if you are out of this catchment please contact us so we can give you an up to date price.
By submitting the form you are agreeing to cover the cost of carriage & decontamination for each system returned. You are also agreeing that you are responsible for attaching the collection label (which will be sent via email to you), as losses due to goods not being labelled correctly are not covered.